Bob Cat

“I play mandolin, and am the lead singer and songwriter for the Local Farmers Union, NY's premier Veggie-Folk Rock band.  We love to sing songs about farming and vegetables, drawing inspiration from our day jobs.  I’ve been a farmer, educator, and co-owner of Main Street Farms for the last 8 years.  I love eating, cooking, local food, farm education, hiking, traveling, local music, playing music, IPA's, and eating.  The band not only provides a great creative outlet, but also another venue for promoting local food.  Now come one everybody, let's eat some KALE!!!”


Colleen Kattau

"I am a bilingual vocalist and songwriter who also plays rhythm guitarist and percussion. I believe in the power of music and all the arts to create a more just and beautiful world. Peace, earth, air, fire, water, labor, love, the everyday, joy and sorrow are some of the things you can hear in the music I play. I love interpreting songs in different languages, especially ones from south of the border. My “gringa latin” band Dos XX performs all around Central New York and beyond. I am also a Spanish professor and an organic gardener too, and live on a land cooperative.”


Maria R. Mucaria

“At present, I perform with a flute trio, Espressivo Flute Quartet, the Cortland Trillium Trio and as soloist also the Woodwind Section Leader, Principal Flute, and Principal Piccolo player with the Cortland College-Community Orchestra and the Cortland Old Timers Band. I played piccolo and flute with The Arts at Grace CNY Orchestra and occasionally with the Northern Tier Symphony Orchestra. I am an active, freelance musician who enjoys each opportunity to perform, playing in a wide variety of styles including: Celtic, Renaissance, Classical, and more. I organize recitals and other types of performances for both myself as a soloist and the chamber ensembles I am in. I also enjoy performing on pennywhistles, recorders, percussion, and singing with Seven Leaf Clover Cortland Camerata.”


Rachel Beverly

“I’m in a transition period of my life right now. My music is taking off, I’m moving away from home for the first time, and I’m learning that moving on doesn’t mean letting go. I’m appreciative that I’m able to pursue my passion and make a living.”

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