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The Local Musical Census

“The Local Music Census” is an ongoing project that interacts with and documents the diversity of musicians that call Central New York home. By putting faces to the people and sound to their art it is my hope to help facilitate a stronger community of artists in the CNY region.

Below each portrait is an on-site audio recording of an original song, solo or improvisation of the musician’s choosing taken right before or after the portrait.


Bob Cat

“I play mandolin, and am the lead singer and songwriter for the Local Farmers Union, NY's premier Veggie-Folk Rock band.  We love to sing songs about farming and vegetables, drawing inspiration from our day jobs.  I’ve been a farmer, educator, and co-owner of Main Street Farms for the last 8 years.  I love eating, cooking, local food, farm education, hiking, traveling, local music, playing music, IPA's, and eating.  The band not only provides a great creative outlet, but also another venue for promoting local food.  Now come one everybody, let's eat some KALE!!!”


Check back frequently as this page will update with new artists.